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The Table: This weeks interwebs round up

You wish you were this girl in her blue fairy outfit heel flipping some steps like a boss.

A special mix put together for New York Redbull supporters featuring songs that their chants are based off. Though it is peppered with RBNY drops, it's a great musical education about where many common MLS chants come from.

Hells Club 2

A YouTube user Antonio Maria Das Silva has created this almost 20 minute mash up of seeminlgy every nightclub/bar seen in any movie that ever mattered and mashed them up into this short. It's rather impressive. "There is a place where all fictional characters meet. . Outside of time, Outside of all logic, This place is known as HELL'S CLUB, But this club is not safe."

Apparently Chad Ochocino thinks he's still got what it takes to switch from football to well... football. He had his tryout in 2011... but apprently is still itching to play the beautiful game.

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