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Revs... I need a change...

Dear Revs,

It’s not you… it’s me.

I think we need to change our relationship.

We both know this has been coming for a while, and while I feel like a break is needed from this chapter of my life I still want us to be friends… I really do.

In the past ten years we’ve had some great times! Winning Superliga, THAT New York trip, and of course our wild, though ultimately disappointing weekend in LA.

I’ve talked to our friends and they mostly understand and are supportive. We won’t need to divide them up, and like I said, I’ll still be around…. But just as a friend.

Unfortunately years of empty promises, and mistreatment of myself and my friends, promises to change and only lip service paid to those promises, has led to me looking for something new and exciting. I’ve found someone else. You may have heard about them, and yes they aren’t as flashy, big or well resourced as you but I think they are going to fulfill my needs and desires better.

Boston City FC has it! I went on my first date them after ours the other night. They were exciting! They cared! They made a point of making us feel welcome and appreciated! They really made my friends and me feel like we were wanted, and not an afterthought or a nuisance like you often do. You really could learn a few things from this guy Craig they have working for them…. Oh wait he did used to work for you… what happened? Did you not like what he had to say? We had a great time, our supporters were boisterous and involved… not just sitting on their hands like so many of yours… it was such an atmosphere!

Boston City just seems to have so much potential, so much desire to be great, so much passion for a true soccer culture, all things you lack. I’m sorry if this is harsh but it’s true.

I really do still want to be friends, and you’ll still see me around but I don’t expect much from you, or for you to improve. I will always have a special place for you in my heart, but its time for me to seek out a relationship with a team that cares… that does have pride and passion.

C’mon City… still NETID, with all my love,


Feel free to join the SG yet to be named this coming Saturday before the Boston City game at Henry’s Patio 80 Broadway Malden, Ma. Game starts at 6:00pm at Malden Catholic and is well worth your time.

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