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I Gave Up.

This is still my personal soccer soapbox and I am going to use it.

Late last season in the Revs calendar I wrote about taking the team back, this was before the the Open Cup final loss. This was before a miserable end to the season. This was before calling for the heads of Heaps and Burns on a silver platter with renewed vigor. This was before deciding to cancel my season tickets. This was before the team took little to no action to change. This is before the team carried empty roster spots for the majority of the year. This is before no road wins. This is before a 7-0 loss to an expansion team that has surpassed the Revs in so many ways.

This was after we've seen them do this all over and over and over again.

I am not here to bash active supporters, I do still love my Revs, I just wished they loved me back. I ended the one way


I write this as I see people who I never in my wildest dreams thought would cancel their tickets do just that. I truly hope that this makes someone start to notice, but again I know it won't. Your non-renewal will likely fall on deaf ears. In reality they will likely be happy to see you go, there is no love lost between myself and those in Revs FO I can assure of that.

I have not given up on the Revs, I did attend the home opener and was able to make it to one of the US Open Cup games and sung myself right out of a voice the next day. Taking the season off however, has done wonders for me. I don't miss the dejected feeling after multiple draws and losses. I don't miss feeling like a second class citizen. I don't miss being purely a dollar sign to those in charge. I do miss the social aspect however, and it seemed like the only thing that kept me motivated to show up. I hope to return under new leadership.

We finished the second season with Boston City FC and Ironsides Crew this summer. It was fun, we had more numbers than last and I didn't dread going to the games. I got my social fix with many of the same people that are so iconic in Revs support and the Fort. Boston City is up to great things!

People seem to think we need a reality check about Boston City. We don't. We're aware that our season is too short. We are aware that it is not MLS. We are aware that it is not top flight quality. We are aware that Boston City actually plays in Malden, and on a high school football field.

We appreciate Boston City for what it is and thats fine. They are ambitious and making interesting moves and we hope the best is yet to come for them, but we don't have delusions of grandeur.

Support local soccer. There are more options out there, Rhode Island Reds, Elm City, The multiple Seacoast Teams in New Hampshire and Maine. These clubs would love to have you and you can help shape what soccer culture can be in your area.

I still want the best for the Revs. I want to travel again with high hopes for an MLS Cup final. I want the Revs to succeed, but I can't believe anyone in the Revs FO truly does, no matter what they say. Their words have been empty in the past, they still are and they will be until they are gone, whether it's the Krafts or the staff or both we won't know for sure until there are major changes.

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